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Vibes is an environmentally responsible, innovative snack brand promoting a fun and healthy lifestyle. Vibes is committed to help preserve the environment by providing eco-friendly fruity star snacks, clothing, and merch, with a portion of our proceeds going to the Hawaii Wildlife Fund, and that's just the beginning. We intend to accomplish our goal of full sustainability as we continue grow. Our vision is to make a positive impact on building a better world, while spreading the good vibes.


Our primary mission is to continue to grow Vibes as a global brand, with a commitment to sustainable production methods, and a strong social conscience that inspires people to live healthier and happier lives, all while helping protect the environment. We are proud to ship in eco-friendly solutions, offer eco-friendly merch & look forward collaborating with eco-partners in our collective journey towards a more sustainable future.

We aim to strike the best balance between profitability & sustainability in everything we do, & to educate & influence customers worldwide to demand more sustainable & ethical practices from all producers, manufacturers and retailers. We stand up for the values of honesty, transparency & accountability. We are a fun and fulfilling place to work and an ethical employer of choice. Above all, we value our responsibility as a champion of human well-being and as an outspoken defender of planet earth. Vibes joins the community that strives to be a positive force for the environment, as we share the lovely vibes around and for our planet.