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Our Story

Our Story

We love California and we love our Venice Beach. The history, the ocean, the landscape, the sunshine and its vibe.. Most of all, we love the unique spirit of the people who make up our soulful community, energized and always on the move searching for and welcoming new experiences! 


Never quite satisfied with the usual healthy snacks and treats, we set out to reinvent snacking by creating the most delicious on-the-go flavorful and soulful fruity and sour stars reflecting the ethos of our Venice Beach. A snack with not only bold flavors and just the right consistency, but with thoughtful additional ingredients that are good for your mind, body, and soul.


Whether at the skatepark, on the hiking trail, paddling out at sunrise, on the dancefloor, or even stuck on your computer, we created Vibes to up your snack game!  Vibes is a snack that not only gives you more, but is better for you!  Gluten Free, Vegan, Low Sugar, Non GMO, and that's just for starters. We've added Amla Fruit, Elderberry, and Ashwangada, to enhance our fruity and sour snacks, with a variety of new flavors and additional functional ingredients coming very soon.


Finally, and importantly, with our love for our planet, and marine life, we're proud to partner with and support all the great work of the Hawaii Wildlife Fund, researching and helping native sea turtles and coastline restoration.